South Africa – Woman Gives Birth To Ten Babies

Gosiame Thamara Sithole gave birth to ten babies, breaking the World Record held by Malian woman Halima Cisse who gave birth to nine children in Morocco in May, 2021. She was delivered on Monday June 7, in a hospital in Pretoria, whose name we could not get immediately

According to South African local media, Gosiame Thamara Sithole, 37, underwent a caesarian operation to give birth to seven boys and three girls making her the Guinness Record-holder for the most children birthed by one woman at once.

Going by her husband Teboho Tsotetsi, who hails from Tembisa Township in Ekurhuleni, they were expecting eight babies, but two babies had apparently missed the scan due to the fact that they were tucked inside the wrong tube.

Speaking to the Pretoria News, Tsotetsi said that Sithole gave birth to their bundles of joy 29 weeks into her pregnancy and that her pregnancy was natural as she was not on any fertility treatment. In an interview at their family home in Tembisa last month and the publication of which was delayed at the request of the couple for safety and cultural reasons, Sithole said she was shocked and fascinated by the pregnancy.

She further indicated that sqhe had been in a state of disbelief when the doctors told her earlier this year that she was expecting six children (sextuplets) before further scans showed that it was in fact octuplets. Two others could not be detected initially because they were inside the wrong tube, Sithole said.

“I am shocked by my pregnancy. It was tough at the beginning. I was sick. It was hard for me. It’s still tough but I am used to it now. I don’t feel the pain anymore, but it’s still a bit tough. I just pray for God to help me deliver all my children in a healthy condition, and for me and my children to come out alive. I would be pleased about it,” Sithole said told the South Africa press.

Tsotetsi, who is unemployed, said he was also overwhelmed by shock when he was told about the pregnancy.

“I could not believe it. I felt like one of God’s chosen children. I felt blessed to be given these kinds of blessings when many people out there need children. It’s a miracle which I appreciate. I had to go do my own research on whether a person could really conceive eight children. It was a new thing. I knew about twins, triplets and even quadruplets,” Tsotetsi said.

“But after I found out that these things do happen, and saw my wife’s medical records, I got even more excited. I can’t wait to have them in my arms.”

The birth of these babies has led to different reactions on social media, notably as to how the family will raise the babies “Iyoooo, I can’t imagine her first day at home with her 10 children. Wishing her all the strength and wisdom.”

“Pampers milk and clothes. Hope government and baby shops will help.””By the way I hope the government will interven and help them out with finance. 10 children is too much “Mina I wanna know if both them will remember the names they give their children.”

In May, a Malian woman gave birth to nonuplets in Morocco, breaking the record held by an American woman, Nadya Suleman, who gave birth to eight babies in 2009. Reports show that only two other sets of nonuplets have been recorded since the 1970s, but the babies all died within days.


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