Despite Gov’t – Efforts Some Cameroonians Continue Violating Covid-19 Barrier Measures

It has been observed that some Cameroonians are no longer respecting barrier measures put in place by the Government to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

They are not only undermining the effects of the virus, but are also discarding the information concerning the Covid-19 pandemic. This is very common among Yaoundé city dwellers. Their attitude towards the barrier measures put in place to fight the pandemic is becoming questionable.

Many no longer wear their facemasks, wash hands or respect physical distancing.  In markets, buses and events, barrier measures are no longer respected.

They are reports that even some officials have refused quarantine, despite being tested positive, though the information could not be confirmed.

Even in some government offices where the washing of hands, and the wearing of masks are mandatory, workers in such establishments continue to defy such measures without any sanctions meted on them.

Before the first vaccine arrived Cameroon from China, the PM, Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute reminded the population that the Government has not yet lifted the barrier measures put in place.

He, thereby, urged the citizens to respect the guidelines laid by the Government and the World Health Organisation, WHO against the virus.  It seems these plans from the Head of Government fell on deaf ears.

Talking to an anonymous source, we were told that the case at CENAME is a glaring example. Going by a source who spoke to this reporter recently, “seven cases of COVID-19 had been detected in CENAME on that day he was being interviewed. The workers there are wondering why those detected still come to work. It is due to this that new cases are increasing every day. This is so sad because we are in the Ministry of Public Health,” the source said.

The source added that “The administration is not saying anything. The question is, who is going to tell them to stay back home for treatment?” This is just one out of the many incidents happening in different structures around the country. Nothing much is been done to control the health of the citizens as it was before.

However, Cameroon has continued to witnessed increasing number of COVID cases. Even with the arrival of the vaccines, some Cameroonians have remained stiff towards vaccine on the pretext that the vaccine will harm them.

They have also question why the Government would not work with Bishop Samuel Kleda to develop a cure for the virus at a cheaper and more affordable rate.


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