Promotion of Agriculture FCFA152 Million Donated To 48 Farmers In Adamawa

48 Agro-pastoral producers of the Adamawa Region have received a cheque of FCFA152 930 220 million to boost their agricultural activities. This support, which was given during a ceremony in this Region on Tuesday July 27, 2021, comes from the Agro-pastoral Council Consolidation and Sustainability Program (PCP-ACEFA), which is also responsible for funding the “Third Generation Debt Reduction Contract.”

The purpose of this donation is to reduce the stress and energy farmers invest in the course of carrying out their daily activities. With this money, a great improvement will be made in this sector, both at the level of human, financial and material resources.

According to Mamoudou, one of the producers and beneficiary in this region, the support will enable him and his colleagues to purchase more suitable equipment needed for their farming activities.  “We are happy to receive this grant today. They will enable us to have these modern working tools to be able to work more and more and produce a lot,” he said.

Donors of this financial support reiterated that farmers and herders must use the funds to increase their production, and not invest it out of the agricultural sector. “I have also reminded them that this grant is to increase income.  It’s not to go do something else.  So they have to realize their projects quickly,” Mouminou Bouba, the PCP-ACEFA national coordinator insisted.

The government of this region will make sure that things move in the stimulated direction, according to Mouminou Bouba, the PCP-ACEFA national coordinator.

The regional delegates of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries, Agriculture and Rural Development of Adamaoua just like the governor are responsible for monitoring the activities of the rewarded agricultural producers.

The Agro-pastoral Council Consolidation and Sustainability Program is a joint MINADER-MINEPIA programme funded by the French Development Agency (AFD) on the basis of the Debt Reduction and Development Contract (C2D) between France and the State of Cameroon. Its objective is the renovation and sustainability of the public agro-pastoral advisory system aimed at creating an agency in a long term.

Its stake is the sustainable improvement of productivity, the economic and social performance of individual or organized agro-pastoral family farms, and the capacities of producer organizations to provide services to their members. 

It also aims at promoting agricultural entrepreneurship, increase production and transformation in agricultural sectors as well as the mobilization of the profession and sectors in the governance and financing of the council within a sustainable structure.


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